AI Image Generation contest

If you want to participate in this, all you need to do is pick one of the base prompts from the list (you can change the prompt to whatever you want as long as it contains the base prompt), create an image with that prompt using any AI image generator you want, and then send it to me either on discord (Eliso#4381) or by email (, make sure to say which base prompt you used and which AI you used when you send it to me. I will label who sent me each image. Images can not have any watermarks or logos, and must be smaller than 5MB. I will host all images submitted, if you want the url, right click the image and then click copy image url. This challenge is currently ongoing and the end date is not yet decided.

You may submit up to five total images, this includes wildcard submissions defined below. Submissions may be images or videos. Winning image submissions and all video submissions will also go on my youtube channel, however you still own the image/video as long as you created it. You may not submit any images/videos created by someone else (unless they allow you to).

Each user also gets two wildcard submissions, so if you have an image that you really like, but it’s not from a prompt on the list, you can use a wildcard submission and submit it here.

At the end of the contest, the best submissions will get a prize, the number and value of prizes given out depends on the total number of submissions. At the end of the contest, anyone is able to vote on best submissions.

You can also submit your AI art here.


Robot Samurai

A robot samurai

Submitted by Onyx

Submission #0001

Fantasy girl with butterfly wings

Submitted by Bret DeCelle

Submission #0002