AI Prompts

There’s a lot of things you can add to a prompt for an AI art generator so that you can make the exact right image. The table below shows a few basic parts of creating a prompt with examples.

TypeObjectDescriptionArtistWhole Prompt
Oil paintingTreeBlue and greenAfremov“An oil painting of a tree with a blue and green color scheme by Afremov”
WatercolorMushroomDotsGreg Rutkowski“A watercolor of a mushroom with dots on it by Greg Rutkowski”
PictureClock and CityGolden and High resolutionNone“A very high resolution picture of a beautiful golden clock on top of the tallest building in the city”

Although following the basic pattern of the examples above should work well nearly every time, you should be creative and try to create a unique prompt that will have a unique result.

I will put images made with those prompts later…