Base prompt list

List is in progress and not yet complete (If you have addition base prompts to add to this list, please comment them on this page, and I can add them)

  • “Fantasy village”
  • “Fisherman with net fishing on the sea mountainside”
  • “Two mountains on fire during sunrise with a penguin captain of a boat sinking in the background”
  • “Japanese scifi female Artefact android robot woman”
  • “Funny happy people frog man painting”
  • “Draw a fantasy landscape with a big tower on a green grassy plain and a blue sky”
  • “Urban landscape painting with big buildings, vehicles and busy people”
  • “Samurai warrior armour in battle”
  • “Fantasy warrior in kimono style clothing with a castle in the background”
  • “Futuristic sky city with flying cars”
  • “Two fantasy beasts fighting”
  • “Fairy and elf paladins riding back to their castle”
  • “Fantasy girl with butterfly wings”
  • “Draw a fantasy bird in midair”
  • “A fantasy scene with a big relaxed dragon drinking water”
  • “An image of a dark forest with a fairy flying and holding up a rainbow wand”
  • “Kaiju doing some judo on a robot”
  • “A red flower explosion on black”
  • “Fantasy space soldier wearing power armor and walking in a futuristic landscape”
  • “A robot samurai”
  • “A beautiful dragon wearing a magical crown”
  • “A red dragon with green scales”
  • “Fantasy machinery in a cool mountainous landscape”
  • “A scene with fantasy soldiers fighting an army of robots”
  • “Yellow purple and ochre violets”
  • “A fantasy landscape with a giant stone dragon standing in the background and a dark black castle in the distance”
  • “A scene with a samurai fighting some ninjas in front of a Shinto temple in Japan”
  • “A scene with a pirate on a boat at sunset with a waterfall and palm trees”

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