New AI Generator, 100% Free!

I’ve recently been working on programming an AI generator website and Dicord Bot. The website is still in progress, and I will announce both here and in our Discord server when it’s finished. The bot is fully done, and can be used with no limits and without paying anything just by joining our Discord.

Questions and Requests

If you need help with using AI programs or generative art programs, but can’t find any tutorials, comment on this post, and I will create a guide for you and everyone else needing help with the same topic.

Support this Site

Even though this website is fully free to use, it still costs quite a bit of money to maintain. Even if you aren’t willing to, or able to donate, you can still help out. If you have a nvidia graphics card (highly recommended for AIs), you can earn and donate crypto. (it’s very easy) If …

About This Website

I created this website to help people who like using AIs. This website will have many features and lots of information including guides on running AIs locally, tools for editing AI art, an AI image generator, and much more. If you have any suggestions on more tools or information to add, please tell me, my …