Disco Diffusion Benchmarker

This is the guide on how to benchmark your GPU for Disco Diffusion AI. If you benchmark your GPU using these steps, please email me your benchmark information.

The first part of this is to follow the main guide here.

Follow those steps until you get to step 9, the follow the instructions below:

Download the edited main code file from here.

Copy and paste the entire code downloaded from the link above replacing all contents of the main.py file opened in VS code in the tutorial.

Resume from step 11.

After it’s finished, email me with what type of GPU you have, and the total time number shown in the terminal window where you ran the main.py file.

If you benchmark your GPU with this, it’s very useful information for other people with the same type of GPU trying to run AIs.

If you have any questions about this, please comment on this page.

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