Graphics Cards (GPU) Information

I use the acronyms CPU and GPU in this page, they mean central processing unit and graphics processing unit respectively.

Graphics cards are a specific type of GPU. They were originally designed for gaming and AIs, however, recently, people started buying them for mining crypto, which lead to a shortage and prices increasing by over two times for some graphics cards. Although CPUs are able to run AIs, if you managed to get a graphics card, it will speed up AIs significantly. Some AIs take over a day for a single image on CPU, but a graphics card can make the same image in 15 minutes.

Lots of people think graphics cards and GPUs are the same thing, but there are actually differences. A graphics card has a GPU, it isn’t just a GPU. All computers have a GPU, but those are iGPUs, which can’t run AIs like GPUs in graphics cards can. GPUs in graphics cards are also sometimes called dGPUs, which means dedicated GPU.

There are two main brands of graphics cards: Nvidia and AMD. My guides are designed for nvidia graphics cards, but if you have an AMD graphics card, you may still be able to run the AI, just post a comment on the guide, and I will try to help you get it working. If you have a nvidia graphics card and want to know how fast it will be for AIs, check out this page.