Nvidia Graphics Cards Benchmark

Graphics Card NameVRAM Size & BandwidthDisco Diffusion Benchmark Speed
3060ti8GB & 448GB/sN/A (Not enough VRAM)

Disco Diffusion benchmarks are how long (in seconds) the Disco Diffusion AI takes to create a single constant size image on a specific type of graphics card. If the graphics card you have is not on this list, you can benchmark it following these instructions, and it will be added to the list using your benchmark data. Benchmarking graphics cards is very helpful for other people with the same type of graphics card trying to run AIs, so if you are able to, please do so.

Only graphics cards with 12GB+ VRAM are able to run Disco Diffusion, so graphics cards with under 12GB VRAM will be marked as N/A in the benchmark column.